Live Learning Online Vs Prerecorded Online Courses

Education has evolved a lot since the introduction of technology. Learning and development (L&D) includes classroom-style classes and self-paced eLearning methods, has evolved to accommodate various styles and preferences of learning. Live learning online is one method that offers a more collaborative and interactive learning experience for learners. Before you decide on the most suitable option for your organization, it is important to know how this method differs from the traditional method of pre-recorded lessons.

What is live learning?

Like the name implies, live learning online is a virtual educational method that allows students to interact with their instructors as well as classmates in real time via the videoconferencing platform, such as Zoom. In contrast to other online learning methods, live classes prioritize the use of real-time communication between instructors and students, which allows students to answer any doubts they might have and encourages a deeper understanding of the material.

To maximize the effectiveness of live classes, instructors must arrange their classes in accordance with the objectives and goals laid out in their overall course design. Instructors must, for example, ensure that each Live Session adds value to the assigned readings or recorded videos by elaborating and clarifying them, applying them in practice, discussing, and visit the site analyzing.

Students in live classrooms will also be able to form stronger bonds with their peers and instructors through discussions and collaborations in groups. This helps them remain motivated throughout the course. This is particularly crucial for subjects that require a great deal of interaction and understanding, like math, chemistry, Arabic or Russian.

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