What is Business Process Automation BPA 4+ Practical Examples

bpa business meaning

Both BPM and BPA attempt to improve tasks and processes that are repeated, ongoing, or predictable. Both aim to improve efficiency and to reduce costs and errors in order to deliver better products and services to customers. These are specialized platforms specifically designed to handle repetitive, IT operations tasks, such as scanning network traffic, optimizing databases, or cloud maintenance.

BPA is best-suited to tasks that are high volume, recurring, time-sensitive and involve multiple people. Automating highly complex or unique business processes may require customized solutions. Work closely with software developers or vendors to create tailored automation solutions that fit these unique needs. BPA is a means of automating recurring business processes through the use of software & different app integrations. Meaning, instead of having your employees to menial & simple tasks, you just let the software take care of it. McKinsey says automation can help unleash the untapped potential of your best team members in digital transformation.

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Business process automation (BPA) is a method for organizations to simplify their core processes using a platform. With BPA and intelligent automation, organizations can reduce their reliance on human intervention by automating a range of repetitive tasks. These platforms allow users to create “mini-apps” or automations, even if they don’t know code. No-code platforms are being increasingly adopted in the enterprise world to speed up business processes, as mentioned in the last point. There are also consumer-facing apps, such as IFTTT, which allow anyone to create new workflows, all without the use of code.

bpa business meaning

A BPA and BPM combination can be powerful, as BPM outlines and provides a template for all of the business processes to be mapped and automated. When applied within a BPM practice, BPA can be used to continually monitor and improve process efficiencies. Decoupled from an integrated business automation solution, BPM and BPA can function as standalone initiatives for improving efficiency and profitability. For example, giving no-code automation platforms to nondevelopers lets them automate workflows and customize apps quickly, without forcing developers or programmers to do so.

Frequently automated business processes

Incorporating business process automation into operations can significantly enhance efficiency. Here are some common processes that businesses bpa business meaning often automate, along with examples for each. Today, business process automation (BPA) is revolutionizing the way companies operate.

Business processes are a series of tasks and activities that businesses follow to achieve their goals and objectives. They are the backbone of any organization and can make or break a company’s success. Business process automation is the key to creating a more efficient team.

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BPA has become increasingly important as enterprises seek to become digital businesses. Digital transformation depends on process automation, which often begins with converting information into computer-readable formats that then become part of enterprise-wide automation. Concord specializes in contract lifecycle management with strong automation features. It’s ideal for streamlining contract processes, though its focus on documents might not cover all general business automation needs. Scheduling social media posts and analyzing engagement data through automation tools maintains a consistent online presence. It allows more strategic use of social media with less time spent on daily postings.

  • Process capture — sometimes called task mining — uses machine vision to watch over an employee’s screen to generate a map of processes that span multiple applications.
  • Now that you know some of the most common tasks to automate, let’s look at tangible use cases of BPA in action.
  • While there are numerous features that can enhance your organization’s technological intelligence, there are a few that stand out the most.
  • Students that join Business Professionals of America have the opportunity to further their knowledge and prepare for a career in today’s fast paced business environments.
  • Zapier is the leader in workflow automation—integrating with 6,000+ apps from partners like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft.
  • The world’s most innovative organizations trust Appian to improve their workflows, unify data, and optimize operations—resulting in better growth and superior customer experiences.

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